Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 8th, Our 8th Mural Painting Session

Hi, Christine Thomas signing in to the 'mural blog'. I am filling in for Judy Burgarella while she and Bob are in California awaiting the arrival of their first grandchild. As of Sat. baby yet!

Above are the photos from our session on Friday. Mary Powell, Sr. Administrative Assistant at the Community Center admires Dawn's panel. Rob Slezak the Director of Vero Recreation looks on. This project got underway thanks to the urging of Rob. We thank you Rob! We are having a ball. (Sorry for the weird spacing, haven't figured the settings out yet :).

Above, Jackie Schembri stopped in for a visit, Jackie is a fellow artist and a student of Dawn's.
Followed by Laurie Lee, Community Center Coordinator and Gaby Dwyer, Recreation Tennis Superivisor who are checking out the manatees I am painting on the Indian River Lagoon panel.

We love having artists, friends and the public visit to view the progress of our work.

Even with all of the visitors Dawn and I got busy with our panels, grateful that we were going to have a very productive day. We thought it was going to be a quiet day since my grandson headed back to North Carolina on Thurs., though we did miss his silly slimey sludge, humor and paintings, and the help he gave us putting everything away at the end of the day. (Thanks Noah!)

Quiet it wasn't....the atmosphere and energy at the Vero Beach Community Center suddenly changed, the summer 'campers' had arrived, full of energy and song. This was Karaoke day! We were serenaded by the music of Lady Gaga, Katie Perry and Justin Beeber, "Baby, Baby, Oh Baby"(hey Judy, I think they were thinking of you). Some of the campers stopped in to see our progress. They are always so enthusiastic about our work and ask plenty of questions. It is wonderful to share with them and hopefully encourage them to paint or create their own works of art. The only problem, I can't get Baby, Baby, Oh Baby out of my head!

Well, this is my first blog posting, I will be back after Monday's session...Hurry back Judy, this is harder than it looks.


Christine Thomas

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