Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 1st - Our Seventh Painting Session

Today was a fun and productive day for all of us. We finally are getting to the enjoyable process of painting details, although none of us are totally sketched into all of our panels. We decided it was time to have fun and enjoy the process of wielding our brushes into something recognizable.

We found out last night that the mural project had been featured in the Arts section of Vero Beach 32963, with a two-page spread. Yay!

Pictured are the three of us (Judy Burgarella, foreground, Dawn Mill, middle, and Christine Thomas, background) working on our murals. In my haste to get to the fun stuff (it takes 3/4 hour to set up), forgot to put on my painter's apron so went home with paint on my jeans-oops

This is my panel at the end of the day, doesn't seem like much progress but I'll catch up.

Dawn I believe made the most progress today, blocking in and fine-painting the cypress trees and shoreline of her part of the lagoon. During the week she created a dynamite sketch of her next panel, which depicts activities on the barrier island along A1A, and will be presented on this blog soon.

This mural is really coming together, and we're confident it will be something the town of Vero, the Vero Beach Art Club, and of course the artists, will be very proud of.

Pictured is Dawn's panel as of 4:00 pm today. Looks like the water could be rolling right onto the floor, so realistic. And she's got lots more to do on it yet. I can't wait to figure out how to join hers with my hardwood and pine forest. Should be quite a challenge.

Pictured is Christine's panel as of the end of the day. She was really getting into those manatees! You can see above where Dawn's peninsula segueys into Chris's panel, a perfect match!

The coordinating of elements of each panel is for aesthetic appeal only, and is used as a way to join them without disturbing the theme of the painting. At times the geography from one to the other may be totally wrong, but it is appealing to the eye and gets the point across.

Today Christine brought her grandson, Noah, along to spend the day with "Grandma." Noah was a delight, he asked a lot of questions, tried his hand at painting, made himself a fort with the chairs and a bed under the curtains with the exercize pads. He, like his grandma, is constantly creating.

Noah, being a normal active boy, eventually got bored with all this "creativity," and so took out his "Sludge." Something new to me, not having any little children in my life (but a granddaughter coming now any minute!). "Sludge" is a slimey, gooey elusive glob of morphing black goo. Fascinating stuff--should be something we could make out of it. So Noah and I made a quick pass with it, when all of a sudden he threw it up in the air ... and whammo! It disappeared!

This was Noah when it happened . . .

This is Noah now.

Well folks, that's it for now. Christine will be posting for the next couple of weeks, as I welcome a new grandbaby. They may not be working again until Friday, due to the 4th of July. You can stop in any time we're working and take a peek.

Judy Burgarella


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