Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deceber 17th, Another Vero Beach Mural

Today on my way home from manning the Artists Guild Gallery on 14th Avenue in Vero Beach, I happened upon the "other" mural that was being painted, on Route #20 East, just east of the railroad tracks.  This is another fine project sponsored by the Vero Beach Art Club for the City. 

If you are from these parts, you may have driven by an old faded and very primitive mural of hibiscus painted on three sides of a cement block wall.  I've driven by it countless times and wondered who did it and when was it done, and why--it's in such an odd space.  I still don't know, however the Vero Beach Art Club has taken it upon themselves to refurbish this eyesore for the City of Vero Beach.  VBAC member Karen Leffel-Massengill  has taken on the job of directing the project, and has bumped it up a bit, and now it looks like it will be a work of art instead of "just another mural."  She showed me her design and it was fabulous, and on this day she was outlining the pattern, making ready for volunteers to sort of "paint-by-number," and then other artists will come by and tweak in the refinements.  Sounds like a great strategy for such a big project, which will be worked on by many hands.

Karen is not just your average painter, but a very accomplished landscape artist whose work has gotten the eye of many people in this town.  She held a workshop which I organized over the summer and it was a smashing success. She is a professional artist, busy in all aspects of running her art business.  The Art Club is proud to have such a competent artist managing this larger-than-life project.

I first met Karen when I was exhibiting at an Art in the Park show in Vero, and she was working the show in another capacity, when one of the exhibitors fell ill.  Well, she jumped in with me and we got the tent down, and the exhibitor on her way home and all turned out well due to our teamwork and the help of other hands.  She gave me her card and at the end of the day I looked at her website and was blown away.  Then she entered the Artists Guild's Invitational show and we just had to have her as an Guest Artist.  We are proud to announce that a body of her work will be exhibited for the month of April at the Artists Guild Gallery.  So after that long story, I'll get to the point by showing below a sample of her design work.
Karen Laffell Massengell working on the Hibiscus Mural in Vero Beach
This is just the view of the south end of the wall.  Easterly there is another I'd say 30 feet.  Then there are three other sides to this monstrosity.   When she gets done this will surely be a work of art that people will talk about and be able to enjoy each time they drive by.  What a gift.  We are just getting so "Artsy" here in Vero Beach.
Karen Laffell Massengell outlining the already-transferred pattern
So anyway, when I drove by and saw this solitary person working on the mural I just had to stop and give her an "atta-boy" for sitting in the sun and painting all by herself ... and getting that job closer to completion.  And what a steady hand she has!  Hope you enjoyed this little addition to our blog, I sure did enjoy seeing her work and chatting with her.

Remember, no more blogging for a couple of weeks, so check back in after that.

Judy Burgarella
blogger for the Vero Beach Mural Project

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