Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28th, Our 49th Vero Beach Mural Painting Session

NOTE: The Vero Beach Mural Project is being Sponsored by the Vero Beach Art Club, and created by Artist Volunteers Judy Burgarella (  Dawn Mill and Christine Thomas (   Examples of artists' work can be found on The Mural consists of six stretched canvas panels, 36' long by 8' high, each panel 8' x 6'.  Created in and for the Community Center, in their "Florida Room."  Visitors are welcome to watch the artists paint between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays.

Today I arrived a little late, coming from a planning meeting for the Cultural Council's Plein Air Paintout with the Environmental Learning Center.  Going to be a good one and I'm happy to be a part of it.  I was still setting up when Christine arrived, and after a little chatting we got straight to work.  Dawn has classes again today so will not be joining us.

Christine worked on enhancing some anemones she had previously blocked in, and a few other "jewels" of the sea.  The colors in Panel #6 are so striking.  The more we see, the more we understand why people love diving.  The colors, the creatures, the endless aerobic dance of things floating and swimming within a phthalo world, and in a perfectly choreographed production unmatched by any human efforts.  If only there were room on the canvas panels for Christine to put every exotic and beautiful thing we've seen in photographs of underwater life.  I do believe she has found her forte.
Detail of Chistine Thomas' Panel #6 (purple anemones at bottom)

Christine Thomas' Panel #6

Below are panels #1 and #2 side-by-side, and note the unfinished segue at the bottom.  It will be interesting to figure out what to put in there that is interesting yet purposeful.  And today I added a Florida Panther cub--they are spotted while young, and oh so cute!  Also added a log, supposedly broken from the dead tree, and a scrub jay and blocked in some pigs.  I also blocked in more color in the grassy area and truer sand color throughout.  Next time I'll paint something peeking out from the log.  We, in essence, are creating our own worlds, based on the highlights and habitats of Vero Beach, and it is such an enjoyable process.  There certainly will be a void in our lives when the mural is completed, however it will be nice to have those extra 2 days in a week back again for ourselves.

Judy Burgarella's Panel #1 and Panel #2


Panel #2--note the cub and scrub jay
 More animals coming Friday, and more sea-creatures too!  Oh, and Dawn will be joining us to paint all day too--so visit this site again Saturday Morning.  Signing off, I am ...
Judy Burgarella
Blogger for the Vero Beach Mural Project

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