Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 3rd, our 33rd Mural Painting Session

NOTE: The Vero Beach Mural Project is being Sponsored by the Vero Beach Art Club, and created by Artist Volunteers Judy Burgarella (http://www.burgarellaart.com/)  Dawn Mill and Christine Thomas (www.innerspacesandouterplaces.com).   Examples of artists' work can be found on www.verobeachartclub.org/) The Mural consistes of six stretched canvas panels, 36' long by 8' high, each panel 8' x 6'.  Created in and for the Community Center, in their "Florida Room."  Visitors are welcome to watch the artists paint between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays.

Dawn and Christine were delayed today, so I painted for a while in the quiet of an empty room.  I decided to be bold, and just paint in a nice big tree in the middle of Panel #2, breaking the basic rules of composition.  I found a beautiful gumbo limbo (I love that name!) tree at the Community Center in Sebastian, took pictures of it, and now it's in the mural.  So there's a little of Sebatsian (my home town) in the mural, which is nice.

Vero Beach Art Club president Rita Ziegler stopped by to see the mural, and she was very pleased with the progress so far.  Christine arrived, and shortly after Dawn called to see what we wanted her to pick up for lunch.  So we ate our lunch, discussed ideas and solutions for the mural, then got straight to work.

Below is my Panel #2.  As you can see I have painted a gumbo limbo tree in, however the dappled light needs to be corrected.  I worked some on the shoreline and sketched in some pines and oaks.  Such a big canvas is very intimidating, but I'm finally over that hump on Panel #2.

Adding trees to Judy Burgarella's Panel #2

Christine has perfected her rendering of a blue crab.  Looks like he's going to walk right off the canvas.  She also filled in lots of greens and lagoon bottom shadows.

Christine Thomas' blue crab on Panel #4

Pictured below is Dawn's Panel #5, where she has refined the children, and painted in lots of greenery to help her panel seguey onto Panel #4.

Dawn Mill's Panel #5

Pictured below is Dawn and Christine, discussing plants and animals to put in the mural, as their murals segue onto each other's.

Dawn and Christine discuss elements of the mural

I will be missing Friday's painting session, as my schedule is rather tight with two shows this weekend: 1) featured artist at the Artists Guild Gallery, right down the street from the murals (Also Gallery Stroll night, 5-8 pm); 2) Pitching a tent with my art at the Family Jamboree show in the Indian River Fairgrounds Family Jamboree.  I'll be anxious to see Chris and Dawn's progress.  Stay tuned!

Judy Burgarella
Blogger for the Vero Beach Mural Project

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