Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 16th, our 28th Mural Painting Session

(c)2011 Judy Burgarella, Dawn Mill, Christine Thomas

 NOTE: The Vero Beach Mural Project is being Sponsored by the Vero Beach Art Club ( ).  Created by Artist Volunteers Judy Burgarella (  Dawn Mill and Christine Thomas.   Consistes of six tretched canvas panels, 36' long by 8' high, each panel 8' x 6'.  Created in and for the Community Center, in their "Florida Room."  Visitors welcome to watch the artists paint between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays.
Our buddy Dawn is finally back from vacation, and we're rarin' to go!  By the time I arrived she was already with paintbrush in hand, working on Panel #5, Dunes and Beachside.  I spent some of the morning organizing my reference material, gathering all my photos of the Theatre Building, which will be one of the focal points of Panel #1.  Christine reworked her otters and other fishies, making them even more luminescent. 

Early in the day, Bob Barbour, our videographer, (  and set up complicated and voluminous video equipment and began rolling tape on us.  he even brought in his video track and boom.  He's really working hard, and is volunteering his time and talent for this project on behalf of the Vero Beach Art Club.  The public should know that the VBAC members and its volunteers are constantly looking for ways to use their creative resources for public good and for the enjoyment of the community, in addition to satisfying the creative needs of their membership.  Yes, it is good to be a part of a body of people busying themselves with delightful projects and meaningful endeavors.  Enough of this dribble, now to get back to the business of the blog:

Photographer Ed Drondoski came by to take pictures for Indian River Magazine, at the behest of Willi Miller who writes for that magazine and other publications, in addition to covering the arts in "Arts Spotlight" for WQCS radio.  Ed was excited at the colorful panels, and how photogenic they are and will probably look fabulous in the magazine with all that color.  After he left we walked over to Tea and Chi ( and had a wonderful lunch--tasty pork sandwich, fabulous salad and really good blueberry pie.  Owner Maria Sparsis walked back with us to see the mural and was very impressed, which always makes us feel good.  I will be putting a bit of "Tea and Chi" in panel #1.

Below is Dawn working on Panel #5.  She sketched in some children making a sandcastle, and will be putting lots of other people and critters in this panel, along with a nice abbreviation of the backside of Ocean Drive.

Dawn Mill painting on Canvas #5

And below is the whole of Dawn's Panel #5.  She has added more greenery, and you can just about see a white tent which will be representing the Vero Beach Art Club's "Art in the Park" shows that are held monthly during season.  If you look closely you may recognize the back of Gloria Estefan's elegant Costa d'Este and the the ever popular Driftwood Inn.

Dawn Mill's Panel #5, Dunes and Beach
 Pictured below is Christine Thomas working on her very lifelike and colorful fishies again.  She is becoming very knowledgeable of the ecosystems she is painting.
Christine Thomas working on her fishes on Panel #4

Pictured below is me working on the Theatre Building arches and foyer.  Today I finished up Mayor Jay Kramer's (in photograph taped to panel) suit, shirt and tie, and at the insistence of Christine I enhanced his cleft chin!
Judy Burgarella working on the Theatre Building archways

Pictured below is Recreation Director Rob Slezak, carrying one of our panels over to his office on the other side of the building.  Because the Florida Room is constantly being let out to other groups, we must put them out of harm's way, which is what Rob has to do for all six panels every Friday.  Other days we tuck them into an alcove and keep our fingers crossed that no harm will come to them during group activities. 
Rob Slezak, Recreation Director, carrying panels to safety

 The three of us are making progress, albeit a little slower than we'd planned, but we hope to have some opportunities to step it up a bit and squeeze some extra time in here and there.  Next week I will get serious about mapping out Panel #2, so stay tuned!
Judy Burgarella
Blogger for the Vero Beach Mural Project

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