Monday, June 13, 2011

Second Painting Session, Monday June 13th

It felt like we accomplished a lot today. Got the skies finished with all clouds and sky color variations in place, sans the planes, birds, parachutists and other things we may be adding later. This first photo pictures the first panel, painted by Judy, which ties into the last panel of the 2001 mural (pictured above the partially-painted panel). The sky segued from a fireworks sky into a stormy sky, allowing the panels to be one day hung together.

Judy began the complicated process of gridding the architecture of Downtown Vero Beach. Problems seem to work themselves out with the three of us providing solution ideas--we sure do make a good team! Dawn, as Project Manager, keeps us on track with coordinating our colors with the 2001 mural for continuity, and Christine brings her "bag of tricks" and experience as a muralist and faux painter. It is inspiring to be working in the same room as the original mural which was created by the Vero Beach Art Club in 2001, and has resided in the Community Center ever since. The earlier mural depicts six historical timelines of Vero Beach, from its first inhabitants up to what was then the present-day Vero. The new mural is being painted in a manner which will allow it to run together with the old one if hung side-by-side, with the first new panel depicting contemporary downtown vero, and on to the end panel depicting Vero's ocean reef. We decided to segue the new mural into the old for any possible future exhibition placing which may position the panels together.

Pictured is Christine Thomas, who prefers working on a ladder to paint her panels' skies. Christine is a professional decorative painter and has extensive experience painting murals. She is a wonderful resource to this project, coming up with ideas and solutions as we progress along.

Pictured is Dawn Mill, who also participated in the 2001 mural, putting her "poofy" clouds on the panels. Dawn segued her clouds onto Judy's 2nd panel, making sure to match the cloud colors of the 2001 mural. Skies on the 2001 mural were painted by local artist Merana Cadorette.

And here I am, Judy Burgarella, the writer of this blog, working on my sky. Since I am not an acrylc painter, this is going to be a great learning process in the use of that medium. As an oil painter, I love the short drying time. Can't wait to see the finished product.

More of each artist's work can be seen on in the on-line Artists Gallery.

Well that's it for today!

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